Southeast Asia
676 million consumers

emerging markets for innovation and digital businesses



New business opportunities ahead,
we need to find a starting point...

Thailand is strategically located at the center of Southeast Asia, making it a regional business and tourism hub.

EEC is an agency under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office, whose main mission is to promote and support the development of future industries. through the area of ​​special industrial promotion zone

Industrial Promotion and Digital Innovation Zone
for quick market access

EECd is a prototype special industrial promotion zone, directly under EEC’s supervision, focusing on promoting and supporting digital industries and innovations specifically for the target industries.

      A complete ecosystem to support the development of future industries, to be located in the area of ​​753 rai to facilitate digital innovation business, catering to Southeast Asia market opportunities

for industry and digital innovation

Investment incentives and privileges have been set for digital industries and innovations entrepreneurs according to business type and business size, to truly benefit specific requirements.

Heaven of world-class living

As there are plenty of tourist attractions in Thailand in all forms, Thailand has   increasingly become the key destination for tourists from all over the world. Moreover, Thailand is also one of the top best countries to live in the world.


EECd has various institutions, organizations in both public and private sectors, and investment entities to support with offices in the EECd area.

Voice from investors

Abel Deng

Chief Executive Officers
Huawei Thailand

Robert Candelino

Chief Executive Officers
Unilever Thailand

Michael W. Michalak

Vice President of Investment
USA-ASEAN Business Association

“Thailand is one of ASEAN’s leading countries in terms of 5G technology, as well as agriculture, health care, manufacturing and the creation of advanced digital systems. In addition, Thailand has made rapid progress in human resource development for the technology era.”

“Thais are generous, thoughtful and committed to innovations. Thai people learn things fast and receptive to new things. Most importantly, the Thai people are friendly and ready to help others as if they were in the same family.”

“Throughout our mission, the Thai government has been clear on initiating new businesses and ready to work with the private sector, while welcoming constructive feedback to lead to mutual benefits.”

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