Benefits and Investment

Benefits and Investment

Benefits and Investment


1. Land ownership

2. Bringing foreign workers into the Kingdom

3. Tax exemption or reduction

4. Financial transactions

5. Benefits of the target industry


1. Ownership of the apartment

2. Professional practice

3.Talent Practice

4. Privileges of Free Zone / Free Trade Zone

5. Exemption related to customs laws

6. Aircraft business / Parts / Repair 


1. Special privileges for research & development activities

2. Special promotion for research & development leading to target industries

3. Flexibility to work together in the EECd

Additional Privileges

Corporate income tax

Special type of personal income tax for expats who are senior executives and experts

Import duty

Exemption from corporate income tax (Tax exemption for up to 15 years)

Special deduction

Exemption of import duty on machinery and materials in the target industry, except the import duty on goods imported for use in research & development

Financial transactions

Operators are exempt from the law on foreign exchange control and can use foreign currency in the promotional zone


Land ownership and real estate

Ownership rights of land for business purpose, and condominiums for business and residential purposes

Migration and residency in Thailand

Foreign experts or executives including spouse and their dependents can enter and reside in the Kingdom of Thailand for a period longer than the legal limit.

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